Al-Itqaan Online Madrasah is a sister concern of Al-Itqaan Online School that provides Quran and Arabic Courses.

The Madrasah has been started in response to the requests for Islamic studies course from the Al-Itqaan Online School students.

Al-Itqaan Online Madrasah Ltd. is a registered company in the UK. 

Aims And Objectives

To provide courses in the basic sciences of Islam: Quran, Fiqh, Islamic History and Islamic Manners for children.

Courses in Arabic and Urdu will also be provided.

Al-Itqaan Online School is a registered charity in the UK, which provides free Quran to those who cannot afford to pay. The aim of the Madrasah is to generate income to provide free Quran lessons.

40% of the proceeds of the Madrasah will be donated to Al-Itqaan Online School.

Management Team

Samiya Mahadik - UK

Ibrahim Mohammed - Egypt

Aisha Mahadik - India

Fatma Zidan - Egypt

Yusuf Mahadik - UK

School Details

Al-Itqaan Online Madrasah Ltd

4 Walnut Close, Leicester. LE2 5QJ. United Kingdom.